I am a dromedary single hump Camel which means I only have one hump unlike the Bactrians which have two humps. These humps are filled with fat that converts to energy. They can go for 17 days without food or water (not zeus)! Camels have double sets of eyelashes and their nostrils can close completely- they can walk through a desert sandstorm with their eyes open. They have large feet pads to keep them from sinking in the sand. They “shed their fur out’ and do not need to be sheared. They are a true desert animal. Please watch your hats, sunglasses, water bottles, and phones. He can be a little curious and grabby!


I am a Juliana pig and the official zoo tour guide! I was raised by the “Alex and Tom Decarlo” family until I grew too large for their house so I moved to the zoo! Sometimes you’ll see the “daisy family” here visiting me! I can bark like a dog and blow bubbles in my water! I often love to have my tummy rubbed but if I am in my igloo or sleeping that is the only time not to pet me as I often wake up startled.

Ophelia + Apollo

I am Ophelia and I am the gentlest animal we have! I am an Asian water buffalo and am commonly used in the Philippines as a working animal. My boyfriend is Apollo, the steer. A steer is a castrated bull. Apollo is smaller than traditional cows but not quite a mini! He loves to be petted but caution: he can butt his head up when he is playing!

Llamas + Alpacas

We are Hera, Noel, and Pluto. Hera is a rare Appaloosa spotted lama, Noel is a retired Disney star alpaca from the TV Show “Austin and Ally” and last but not least, Pluto is our funny little ‘goofball” alpaca with black raccoon-like eyes. He likes to play and stand in the water buckets. Llamas, alpacas, and camels are in the camelid family. Llamas are bigger than alpacas and alpacas are more compact. Llamas, alpacas, goats, sheep, and buffalo are ruminants which means they don’t have upper teeth but a hard palate on top which helps them chew their hay, swallow it, regurgitate it- this is called “chewing their cud”. We have the ability to spit but will not here as we love people and are used to being approached. Spitting is a defense they only use if they feel threatened. They get sheared once a year in the summer and we donate their fur to the Alpaca Hacienda.


We are Nubian and Nigerian dwarf goats and loved to be pet under our chin. You can also feed us one stand of hay at a time so that we don’t eat too much and get sick. The two goats with collars are sisters, Europa and Aphrodite. The three smaller goats are all brothers, Prancer, Dancer, and Blitzen. Nigerian Dwarf goats are a breed that originates from West Africa. The black and calico goats with long ears are Cleopatra and Juniper.

Zebra + Zonkey

Aurora is a Grevy’s zebra (also known as an Imperial zebra, the most threatened of the three species of zebra). She is very small for a zebra- most are horse size. No two zebras have the same stipe pattern (like our fingertip). Zebras can be very aggressive which is why they are typically far away in other zoo’s. Aurora is sweet but can be very shy- the fact that you are up close to her is very special. If she stands close to you, pet her only on her forehead- nothing around her mouth. Gaia is a zebra donkey mix and is one of our newest additions! She is a cross between a Zebra and a Donkey. She is very friendly and loves to be pet!

Micro Zebu Cow

My name is Giselle. I am just over three years old and am full grown. I am very friendly and love to be pet anywhere but I especially like to be pet under my chin!


We are the mom and daughter duo Luna and Cupid! Luna is the mom (light brown) and Cupid is her baby (dark brown). We host a lot of special needs groups which is why we started our zoo; our best therapy animals as they do well with slightly “awkward petting.”

Dwarf Horses

We are Odette and Atticus! Odette is a pet partner certified therapy horse which means she can go into a hospital, nursing home, or hospice, if patients cant come here. She is a dwarf standing at 18 inches. As cute as I am, dwarfism is not ideal as it is not a breed and can cause different issues such as club foot. I Love to be pet all over except around my mouth as I am used to getting treats. Atticus is our newer addition and is very friendly.

Micro Mini Horses

Micro Mini horses are under 28 inches while standard mini’s are over 32 inches which means they are too small for riding. Pegasus is all white with crystal blue eyes, Pandora is spotted white with violet eyes, and Spartacus is all brown with one brown eye and one blue eye.


I am a trumpeter hornbill which is in the same family as a Toucan. We are a very intelligent breed and have a life expectancy of up to 20 years. This exotic bird comes from sub-Sahara Africa and lives in the tropical evergreen forests which means they only eat tropical fruit such as papaya and banana. Characterized by the “Casque” on top of his beak- this is hollow and amplifies his sound. The only bird who has the 2 upper vertebrae fused together to help support the weight of their beak. This breed also is the only bird known to have eyelashes. Perceus has a congenital deformed wing and cannot be with other hornbills because of this. He is very friendly and will eat cut up papaya from your finger at snack time!

Mandarin Ducks and Pheasants 

The Mandarin duck is considered the most beautiful of all ducks. The male (brightly colored) goes through a molt after mating season and it is called the eclipse plumage where the male looks similar to the female (brown). You will see we have three Mandarin ducks. We also have three Pheasants, A Golden Yellow Headed, Lady Amherst, and a Blue Melanistic. 

Guinea Fowl

Two African guinea fowl also known as peal guineas for the peal dot pattern on their feathers. “Something about their loud sound.”

Victoria Crowned Pidgeon

I am Atlas and I am known as the world’s largest breed of pigeon native to New Guinea. You will notice I have striking red eyes but I am very friendly and would love for you to come in and pet me on my back!


I am Thor, a very large male royal palm turkey. I was raised with chickens for the first two weeks so I think I am one! My Neck wattle changes from dark red to dark blue, pink to light blue, and cream color depending on my mood. 

East African Crowned Crane

I am Poseidon. East African Crowned Cranes are typically found in eastern and southern Africa and the national bird of Uganda. However, I was rescued from the Playboy Mansion here in California! What a life I have lived. 

Holland Lop Rabbit and Gunniea pigs

Daphne and her Gunniea pig posse! Please come come in one or two at a time. We love to be pet but we are very fragile so please no picking us up.

Sugarplum Chickens

Please come in and say hello to us! All of us small bantam chickens like to be pet.