Our Story

Sugarplum Zoo and Chocolates is the worlds first petting zoo and chocolate shoppe located in Temecula Wine Country!

Owner, Lani Rager moved from NY to LA and went onto Master Chef pre-Gordon Ramsey for her chocolate skills… making it to the semi-finals!

An animal lover, she began working with ducks and the special needs as a therapy zoo in Temecula called Hug A Duck with her husband Greg. She accepted a few rescued and rehomed animals along the way and eventually, the public wanted in and we became Sugarplum Zoo & Chocolates.

Sugarplum Zoo sits on an 8 acre hilltop ranch alongside Lani’s chocolate shoppe with a Café’ & wine tasting room.  Included in your visit are samples of the chocolates served in 5 star hotels and all the animal love you want.

Fun Fact: Lani also writes children’s books!

Mission: We exist to motivate by connection, compassion and commitment while sharing this meaningful bond with everyone who can benefit from time spent with an animal.